Water is the elixir of life. The key element to our health. Life enhancing and life maintaining.


Water, the mother of all that is special. Its clean and vibrant waters gives us life, wellness and allows our minds and hearts to be clear.


Through our unique 8 stage filtration process we remove over hundreds of types of contaminants that are in your tap water and we then add naturally trace minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and pH that are necessary for your proper hydration and overall wellbeing. This with the proprietary blend of crystal ceramic balls helps in revitalizing your water.

Acquavibe offers water filtration systems for both home and commercial use.  The residential models are available in under-the-sink and whole house units.  All of our systems are installed by expert technicians.


Alkaline water

Amazing taste

Thirst quenching

Safe drinking water from your own tap!

Antioxidant rich water


Professional installation

NSF and WQA certified components

One-year guarantee


Provides the perfect alkalinity (pH) which assists in the prevention of disease and illness from today’s fast-paced environment, pollution, processed foods, hormone-rich meat, fast foods, etc.

Composed of a proprietary blend of all natural trace minerals which are essential for proper hydration

Assists your skin in being more supple and youthful (from the inside out).

Enhances circulation, increases energy and vitality

Amazing taste and thirst quenching


80% more efficient

Less expensive

Minimize your carbon footprint since no need to be going constantly to buy single use plastic bottled water to the market (the inconvenient truth) and under these current conditions, most of the time finding no water. Instead you have the best clean, vibrant drinking water at your fingertips.

Saves you money.

Eliminates plastic waste. You will be doing your part in making this planet a better place for yourself and the 7 generations to come.