Water is the elixir of life. The key element to our health. Life enhancing and life maintaining.


Water, the mother of all that is special. Its clean and vibrant waters gives us life, wellness and allows our minds and hearts to be clear.

Our mission is to create wellness through clean and vibrant drinking water. As our thoughts also affect the nature of our being, embodying the highest vision of yourself, creates your own health potential.

Change yourself and your thoughts for good and for the good of all. Endeavour to hydrate yourself with the right waters and live a more balanced, vibrant and vital life. This is a direct source of wellness. For we are after all 65% water!

As Dr. Masuro Emoto says, “the water holds and transmits information.” The more we properly understand water, the more we can expand our consciousness into other dimensions. He stated that seeing how our thoughts have an observable effect on water, he could no longer doubt.


DOCUMENTARY – Dr Masaru EMOTO Hado Water Crystals from BEVOLUTION AGENCY on Vimeo.