Our story begins with a simple glass of clean water.

Rafael A Bellavita – Co-founder and CEO.

Driven by the water element itself, Rafael has been on a mission to bring the best clean, vibrant drinking water to Hong Kong and Asia. He has been in the water sector for over 20 years. Over the years, he still sees the need for the people to understand the importance of having clean water and the need to take care of our water supply in order to have a thriving economy and future.  As Bruce Lee said, “Be like water my friend.”

Tatiana E Bellavita
Co-founder and Head of Product Development

Realizing the importance of the right waters for one’s health, Tatiana’s mission has been to bring as much awareness of vibrant, clean drinking water to humanity. For clean water is a human right. Her passion has also been to work with various communities and groups from around the World, as part of bringing this consciousness of taking care of our waters, for the benefit of all living beings and the 7 generations to come. As the Hopi Indians say, “The Fate of the Earth goes, so does the Fate of Humanity. We are the Children of the same Mother.”