Acquavibe Alkaline Mineral Revitalizer Water System Specifications



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• Provides the perfect alkalinity (pH) which assists in the prevention of disease and illness from today’s fast-paced environment, pollution, processed foods, hormone-rich meat, fast foods, etc.
• Composed of a proprietary blend of all natural trace minerals which are essential for proper hydration
• Antioxidant rich water
• Amazing taste and thirst quenching
• Enhances circulation, increases energy and vitality
• Saves you money compared to buying bottled water

Contaminants Removed

• Removes and reduces contaminants down to .0001 microns
• VOCs and bacteria including e.coli and viruses
• Cancerous heavy metals, lead, and chromium
• Pesticides, phenols, and algae
• Synthetic detergents
• Pipe and industrial waste
• Pharmaceuticals and antibiotics
• Fluoride, chlorine, and ammonia
• Sands, dirt, unpleasant odors, and tastes
• Rust from the water pipes
• Asbestos fibers and insects
• Microplastic beads
• Chloramines, THMs, and TCEs

Advanced Filtration System

We begin by removing the largest particulates all the way down to the 5th Stage where we remove any remaining sub-micron particles and toxins.
1st Stage is the 5 Micron-Sediment Filter
2nd Stage is our High-Grade GAC Filter
3rd Stage is the Advanced KDF
4th Stage is our Specialized Carbon Block – 5 Micron
5th Stage is the 50 GPD Superior Membrane
6th Stage is our Propietary Blend of Ionic Trace Minerals
7th Stage is our Unique Crystal Blend Revitilizer
8th Stage is the Coconut Shell Carbon
With our Long life storage tank
And with a 80% less waste pump

Now that your water has been cleaned of all contaminants through the 5th stage, the water gently travels through our final chamber where it flows and absorbs trace minerals that are necessary for proper hydration and your overall wellbeing, adding calcium, magnesium, potassium, and ionic trace minerals to your water and revitalizing it with it’s unique blend of crystal ceramic balls.
This metamorphic transformation naturally brings your water to its perfect pH, for optimum cellular hydration.
The system comes with its own dedicated faucet ensuring your children and helpers always drink from the correct faucet.

Product Specifications

• 14.5” wide x 18.5” tall x 6” depth to fit under your sink
• Tank size: 11.35 liters 11” wide x 16” tall
• Consumption: 126 liters per / day
• One-year guarantee


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