AQV Shower Filter – Instantly delivering the ultimate shower experience.



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• Healthier skin helping to reduce skin rashes
• Fuller and more vibrant hair
• Softer skin
• You will feel healthier and better

Contaminants Removed

• Removes smell, odour, chlorine, cysts, lead, sediment, VOC’S, bacteria absorbtion and 100’s of other contaminants from your shower tap water.


• Activated Carbon
• Specialized Mix of Ceramic Balls

Product Specifications

• Female ¼” thread Inlet
• Male ¼” thread Outlet
• 4” tall x 8.7” circumference
• Silver Color
• Easy Installation
• 6 month filter life or up to 10,000 gallons

*Capacity depends on water quality and usage


Our skin being our biggest organ, absorbs over 11% of the shower waters. This is why when you work out and then run to have a shower, you will absorb whatever contaminants are in the water through your skin, especially since you are thirsty. We always recommend you first drink a fresh glass of clean alkaline water before jumping in the shower. Contaminated tap shower waters are another big reason why we develop skin allergies and also begin to lose a lot of our hair. Before investing in another great hair product, first invest in your shower filter! You will notice a big difference.


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